Letter From… Occasional Columns for Financial News

Financial news is the weekly for investment banking, securities, asset management… basically anything that matters in the City of London. They also have a “Letter from…” every week and I managed to file quite a few on my travels! Obviously you should buy a subscription to this fine publication to see them every week, but here are a few I had fun doing — just click on the titles.

Letter from Luxembourg — those with sharp memories may recall that when Jean-Claude Juncker stepped down as Eurogroup head, he said he’d return to Luxembourg and live a calmer existence as Prime Minister. Instead, scandal at the tiny country’s secret service saw him leave the role unceremoniously. Read to the end for a reminder that election polls can, and do, get it wrong.

Letter from Ypres — as Belgium’s First World War commemorations get underway, Flanders, the Federal government, and British diplomats discuss how to strike the right balance on this sensitive anniversary.

Letter From Gibraltar — a reflection on the time my summer holiday literally got interrupted by the Royal Navy. I ended up on a sailing course just when tensions were running high between the U.K. and Spain over The Rock… nothing like a warship citing UN law to interrupt your aperitifs!

Letter from The Orient Express — the super-rich fly in private jets now, but a century ago, this train was simply the last word in glamour. My take on the Orient Express exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris.

Letter from Oban — I went to the Scottish coast for seafood and whisky but ended up having a chat in the “Yes” shop a few weeks before the referendum about everything from the bus to Seil Island to nuclear disarmament.