Going freelance – here’s what I do

After four years at the Wall Street Journal in Brussels covering the European Union, Belgium, and technology — as well as the Eurovision Song Contest (seriously – our liveblog got a LOT of page views) — I have decided to move back to the UK and do three things:

— Think, talk and write about the UK-Europe relationship

— Write features — check out some examples of my past work below

— Moderate panels

To give you an idea, here’s a selection of features I wrote while at WSJ. And if you’re wondering what an A-Hed is, here’s an explainer. You can see what people I’ve worked with before think at my LinkedIn page.

An innovative seafood competition — I had to eat a lot of scallops, lobster and oysters in the name of reporting this. Sorry (not sorry) about the puns.

Belgian fries — a crispy, crunchy, twice-fried story about Europe’s cult potato varieties.

Craft versus craft-y: Belgium’s brewers versus beer architects, in the land of gueuze, tripel and kriek

The fabulous Gabriele Steinhauser and I did this on getting lost in the European Parliament (it’s literally a-maze-ing).

Hotel Berger, a naughty Brussels icon restored to reflect its Art Deco glory.

Rail Baltic project — together with Liis Kängsepp we did a video and interactive map about plans to build a high-speed rail route from Helsinki to Berlin.

A weekend at the truly fantastique art festival in Lille.

Annecy film festival — including lunch with an Oscar-winner, pedalo racing, and general animation geekery.

What’s Your Workout: Alex Stubb (he’s since become Prime Minister of Finland. I’m not claiming cause and effect, though.)

Chap-Hop: an A-Hed about the beef between a steampunk mad professor and a ukelele-clad blazer-wearing cad (in Brighton, where else).

My day out with the US Ambassador, on his tour to visit every town in Belgium. Included a beer-pouring competition at the world’s biggest brewer.

More serious — an exclusive interview with EU tech chief Neelie Kroes (with video).

Google Sends EU Commission kittens in antitrust case (this was a bit cheeky, but a lot of fun to do).

Obama Selfie Blog for Speakeasy — makes a change from seeing Helle Thorning-Schmidt on the Justus Lipsius doorstep…


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